The auction
Starts on Wednesday 20 December, 19:00 hrs. On Friday 22 April 19:30 hrs (Dutch time) the ponies will virtually be sold by auction. If there are any new bids in the final 10 minutes before the closing time, the closing time will (each time) be extended by 10 minutes. Ten minutes after the final offer the auction for the pony concerned will be closed.

Free registration
To take part in the online auction, you need to register through our website. Please enter your personal particulars on this page. You will receive a confirmation email. You only need to confirm your email address and you can join the bidding for your favourite pony! On the auction days you can log in through ‘log in’. Please enter your email address and password. You can now join the bidding for your favourite pony by clicking on the ‘Place bid’ button. The bid schedule clearly shows the current stage of the auction. All new bids are shown automatically, you don’t need to refresh the page. Highest bidder: If you are the highest bidder, you will receive an email with a confirmation that you are the highest bidder.

Viewing days / try out pony
It goes without saying that you can see your favourite pony or ponies and take them out for a ride. Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Clinical reports of the ponies and X-rays
Are you interested in one of the ponies from the Elite Dressage Pony Sales Online Collection and do you want to receive the clinical report and possibly X-rays? You can easily request these untill friday 22 December 13:00 hrs.

Bid steps
€ 250 per bid
€ 500 per bid from € 10,000

Exit amount
The auction amount is increased by 10% auction costs.

Payment and collection/delivery
Payment must be made within 48 hours after purchase to the bank account number in the name of the Stichting Elite Dressage Pony Sales. After payment, the pony must be collected within 7 calendar days to be picked up, unless otherwise agreed with the organization of the Elite Dressage Pony Sales for transport. The buyer is expected to organize the transport himself. We can help with this.

Also good to know
The auction does not take out insurance on behalf of the buyer of the pony. The buyers must arrange this themselves if they wish.

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